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I worked in an office with a lot of gay men. Many times we would go out for drinks & I attended many a party hosted by them. To say they can be WILD is putting it mildly. They also happened to offer a lot of emotional support during a tumultuous period in my life. I would trip out with them & there were a few that were extremely good looking who I was dying to jump on. My most desirable one was Peter. He was the VP of operations. He could have easily been a male model. He was that handsome. Peter was about 6'-3'' with an Athletic build, dreamy Hazel eyes, jet black wavy hair & a sm… Read more

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Town experiences Part 4

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

I had been seeing a fair amount of Lisa whether just picking her up from College and going for a drive or just heading down to watch a movie. I was off that night from work but Lisa was working so stayed in my room, knowing I would be seeing her soon. My room phone suddenly rang and when I picked it up I heard the Head Chef's voice, he said "You had better come down there has been an incident". So I headed down to see Lisa crying in the Chef's Office and shouting coming from the Ladies changing room. I went to comfort Lisa as Gina went past shouting and swearing about a number of things. Gina… Read more

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First gloryhole pt2

First Time

That evening, I thought about how much cum shot out of Fred's small cock. He was definitely a "fire hose" and a "yogurt" man. That is the name I give to a guy whose cum is real thick and clumpy. Other labels I have invented for cummers are "shooters," "volcanos," "squirt guns," "water boys," "leakers," and "fire hoses." I will explain each one. Shooters are those guys that shoot their cum long distances. I have had a guy pop and hit the wall behind him. Now that is a shooter. Volcanos are those cocks where the cum just flows out like lava without a lot of shooting. Squirt guns are the routine… Read more

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First gloryhole pt1

First Time

There was a part of my life that I'm not particularly proud of but I feel compelled to tell about it. I was still in high school, life was fun and not much responsibility except sports, boys, and grades. I was barely 18 and relatively new to sex. My experience was basically having intercourse with a couple of boyfriends while either jacking or sucking off a few more. I was at that stage in life when sex was so exciting and fresh, you would have thought I was a guy because it was on my mind so often and I masturbated frequently to satisfy my urges. Who am I k**ding, it's still fresh and excitin… Read more

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Step Brothers Bride Part 4

AnalGroup SexHardcore

It had been just over 2 weeks since the wedding. I had agreed to pick up the happy newlyweds after their honeymoon in Majorca. I was looking forward to seeing them especially Jennifer. They were flying into Glasgow airport which was almost a 2-hour drive from the small town we lived in. Jennifer had text me to let me know they had landed, so I parked in the short stay and awaited them. I noticed Jennifer first, her red hair and bronzed body attracted most men’s eyes. Then I saw Shaun, cuddling into her but… Read more

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Jerry’s World – Dr Goodwin


I walked across to the doctors office which was in fact in the basement and slowly and carefully went down to the front door and rang the bell, my jaw dropped when the door opened. Maybe I was expecting a pretty receptionist but I certainly wasn’t expecting an old man well into his 70’s dressed in a button up white coat and from what I could make out, not much else. “Hello, I’m Dr Goodwin, I am a doctor you know” he said very professionally while looking me up and down, “You must be Jerry” he said inviting me in. The doctor was about 6 foot but quite slim and was quite good looking in a funny… Read more

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The Seduction of my friends Dad.

Gay MaleFirst TimeInterracial Sex

It has been a good while since I had any dates or fooled around with anybody and I was getting sexual pent up horniness basically. I had a good friend who described his girl issues and family life of his Dad who after a divorce had not been involved with anyone for over 2 years and he was concerned it would affect his happiness. My friend has been around since high school and he was a good looking black guy who loved women to an extreme. I've seen him in the locker room and was taken aback how well proportioned his dick was. I had never fooled around with guys that much but the idea seemed mor… Read more

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A New Taste Part 39 (Lockdown Worship)

Gay Male

Lockdown had eased somewhat but it made no difference to my furloughed life. Tom visited me once a week for his ‘gardening job’. We had so much fun together fucking in the the strange still heat of lockdown. He loved being penetrated and would strip and present his cute little bum to me as soon as he arrived. I obliged of course. I was always ready to unload after a week without seeing him and after a few hours I knew I could indulge myself and enjoy his slim young body more slowly. Tom requested that Philipe return for a glory hole sucking so he could watch me take his superb endowment once m… Read more

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Crossedressed In best friends mom clothes 25

FetishTabooShemale Porn

By HosieryQueen Part 25 I quickly went into my apartment and found my handcuffs and took the elevator back up to Jaiden. I got to the apartment again and started rolling some joints while I took another beer. I thought about Lauren and how she was doing right now. If she just kept on getting fucked by Roger. started bothering me again. But then again, Jan had just fucked me. So I should maybe relax a little!? Mmm, that cock felt so good inside me. And his warm cum filled my pussy so nicely. I had rolled a couple of joints, or 5 to be exact. I finished my beer and went… Read more

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Remarkable Quickie

AnalGay MaleHardcore

Remarkable Quickie By: Londebaaz Chohan Percy took every precaution to make sure, nobody saw him coming into Prof. Walker’s office, one late afternoon. They had to be on the road in almost 25 minutes to reach on time to attend the lecture, they were supposed to that evening. Prof. Walker made sure of nobody had seen him coming in, by asking Percy and Percy confirmed for sure. The bulge in Professor’s pants looked huge and agonizing to endure if a relief was not available soon. Percy asked Professor, if he needed a quick sexual relief and Prof. said, “Yes, please”. Percy was asked t… Read more

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Starting to understand

Interracial SexGay MaleShemale Porn

I was thinking of it all the wrong way , when i didnt met him , i like putting on panty and use my toy u thght it would be nice to have a....daddy but having one never meant i would have one to please me when im horny, no, its when he is and thats a big difference I was watching netflix in panty and cage up when he came to my place, key sound in the door i knew it was daddy he had a bad day he said walking to me getting his pants down taking my head with boy hands and i was face fuck ''fuck i need this , dont fight gimme that mouth'' so suddent with force i pull away ''someone is not l… Read more

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Eyes Wide Open on Capitol Hill

Interracial SexGay MaleShemale Porn

“I just can’t believe you did this,” the eldest sister chastised over the phone. “It’s the truth, Donna,” he shot back. “How dare you dishonor the memory of mother and daddy,” she hissed. “But you’re used to it.” “What is that supposed to mean.” “You know…” “I’m afraid I don’t,” the community college English instructor eased back into his favorite wingback chair.” “You’re lifestyle,” she scoffed, then ended the call without notice. Matthew Jay. or Matt as he had always been known in the family, was used to the judgment of his oldest sister. It was nearly the same from most of his brothers and… Read more

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Birthday Baby Surprise

First TimeMatureHardcore

I had contacted Laura through a popular online dating site, she was just turning 40 and a very good looking red head. She seemed to have a lot things going for her, working on a PhD, driving a Hummer and she was a high placed administrator at a Community College. She was extremely determined to meet and wanted to meet soon! I told her I had a commitment on the night she was insistent on meeting. I offered to meet the next day. I asked her what's the rush, the tone of her voice changed and she said it's my birthday today and I d… Read more

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How Mom's Dildo Made Me Gay

Gay MaleTabooAnal

Oh where to begin. I've always been such a horny person as far back as I can remember. I'd see a picture in a book and would get all stirred up. One time I found a wrinkled stepped on page from a Hustler magazine and kept it well hidden in my room, a prized possession. I'd skim through dirty books at newsstands and friends houses, anywhere I would see one. I had a friend Pete who was a perv like me and he had access to VHS tapes. His uncle who lived upstairs had a stack of them, and we'd watch them and jack off together whenever we had the chance. We especially loved Traci Lords and would watc… Read more

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The Barn


I was attending a meeting for our local FFA Booster Club. I live in a semi-rural area and there are many farms and ranches and the FFA is a big deal to the k**s in the area. I was wearing jeans and a polo shirt. These were my “normal size” jeans that I was finally able to get back into after having a baby 5 months ago. I was getting lots of compliments for looking great post baby. Unfortunately I was feeling great. My naturally large breasts were constantly swollen and full. They were at least a 36 E cup and some guys couldn't help but steal a look at them. The polo shirt I had on was stretche… Read more

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The weekend part 3

VoyeurMatureGroup Sex

I was working on getting the grill good and hot before I threw the meat on. I looked around and Heather was working on the baked potatoes. Getting them ready, putting butter and season and wrap each one in foil. Mickie was making a side salad to go with it. And Trish had pitcher of lemonade. Since she was done she decided to see if Steve was up and see when he was going to join us. Mickie was soon done with her salad and made her way over to Heather to assist her. The grill was finally ready as I threw on some chicken and burgers. After a few minutes Trish had came down and snuck past the gi… Read more

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A Beautiful Lie Or A Harsh Truth? Chapter 5

TabooFetishGroup Sex

Alkis was driving as fast as he could. Good thing he had his own car, otherwise they would have never made it with Aris's piece of junk. Aris: I... can't stop...thinking about Hilda. All of our happy moments, our dreams for the future... Alkis: Hang on, pal! We're almost there. Aris: Sure, i made a mistake! But she didn't even give me a second chance. Alkis: Don't worry about it! Once you revert to your old self, you will reclaim her AND your social status! The momentum will shift to YOUR advantage. Here we are!!! Aris: Oh, my God! You have a cell phone, right? Call the fire department!!! Alki… Read more

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From 2015 - Early Morning Forbidden Texts


How did we get to this? Messages sent titled "For You'.. Fantasies by both of us - pretending we never knew who it was. Touching me for longer that you should at the bar on family events. Letting me touch you under your police uniform. Standing against me in that bar when you joined my for a works meal instead of someone. Wanting gifts. Greeting me in 2001 in a blue satin slip as I dropped someone off. You're in control you said. teasing, maybe a hint of taunting... Texts sent and read and re-read. "still dripping from the imagery" "can't wait' "good things come to those who wait" It has al… Read more

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Wendy’s Older Neighbor chapters 2-3

TabooInterracial SexMature

Wendy’s Older Neighbor Chapter 2 After making myself cum with my toys thinking of what was to come at the party my neighbor Jerry was going to have for me. Wondering the whole time how many young blacks and their ages would there be there for me to get serviced by. Knowing that my husband would be away for another month it made me very horny! As he would go crazy if he knew I let others fuck me , let alone young blacks! Saturday morning I woke up and showered , trimmed my pussy hair on top and shaved my pussy lips smooth. After drying off I put perfume on my neck, breasts lower tummy and p… Read more

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Pauline The Slut - Part 29: Dog House


I don't know how many times he fucked me that night. It felt like he was making up for lost time. In the morning we were awoken by Beth wearing a giant strap-on. "Mind if I join you." She lay on the bed with the giant phallus pointing upwards. Even by the standards of some of the cocks and dildos that had fucked me, this was big. She motioned for me to mount her. Donal looked on with interest. I straddled the cock and started to work it into me. After several minutes I still had only managed to fit a small piece in. "I think she needs some help." Beth said to Donal. He stood up on the bed b… Read more

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