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Horny Teacher satisfied by her Student 2


Hi, readers its sai again . Last time i satisfied my fuckin hot teacher rosy (name changed). We had a good relation between us, we used to sex chat often sharing our nude pics. few days passed by rosy invited me to her home on one weekend for dinner. I agreed to visit, i went near her home and rang the door bell, i was shocked that her husband opened the door, he asked in firm voice asking me who are you?, I replied that im rosy’s student she had invited me to dinner, he seemed to be strict male, rosy came and invited me inside. Rosy and her husband was at home, rosy called me to kitchen i wen… Read more

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My magical birthday Girls Night Out (True story)

VoyeurFetishGroup Sex

Names have been changed to protect the guilty... Lol Photos are a mix from that night and other nights... I simply couldn't concentrate on taking photos all night long with sooooooo many beautiful distractions ? One of the greatest nights of my life started with a simple request for my birthday. When my wife/Mistress, Madison, asked me what I wanted to do, I told her that I wanted to go out with her and have a night of dancing and chatting as “Chelsea”, my girly-side. I had been cross-dressing for most of my life and just recently my wife has become more accepting of it. She had never… Read more

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wife exposing herself to my brother

First TimeGroup Sex

This is a True Story. I met my wife Sally by a mutual friend when we were both in our mid 20s. Sally had just returned from a 3 year working trip around the world with her boyfriend which she broke up with 6 months before she returned home. When I met her I could not believe how beautiful she was. Tall, thin, long tanned legs and shoulder length brunette shoulder length hair. We instantly had a connection and within a year we were engaged and married not long after. Sally loves a good time and can drink more than most guys can at a party. She is very faithful wife that would never cheat on he… Read more

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Sylvia Rachel and Bruce get down to business

First TimeLesbian SexHardcore

He came over after school on Friday; Dad was down at Capitol Records, mom was somewhere, not home, Rachel was there with her friend, Eileen. Rachel said mom wouldn't be home till eight or nine, and for dad, it depended on how long the studio session went on.............this week it was Andy Williams, and he took forever.... We studied and worked on our project, till 5:00, when Eileen went home.......I'm a hard worker on my projects now, I was then too........it was all biology and no sex till we got Eileen out of there.....we took a break, had some pizza, smoked some pot (but we called it gra… Read more

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What's On The Other Side

HumorFirst Time

What's On The Other Side I have been thinking and wondered how everybody else would spend this ability. What if you were able to switch to the other sex any time you wanted for the day. Or maybe you wanted to be a Tranny for the day, A Sissy for the neighbor next door, A guy with a big dick and fuck that stuck up girl in the next cubical. How about bringing your oral game to that super straight girl in the next apartment? Weather it be a pill, a magic wand, Aladdin's lamp, a twitch of the nose, or a blink of a eye while crossing your arms, would you take advantage of this? How would… Read more

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Naughty Nymphos Knot Training UKOZ Ep 4

TabooFirst TimeHardcore

5Emmanuelle (19 yr old coffee colored Welsh girl) Over the last three shows we’ve visited England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which only leaves Wales to cover the four nations of the United Kingdom – and it’s to Wales we go next. A pretty girl walking along a sunny street. She has a dancer’s body – lithe and strong, with long legs and a narrow waste, slim arms. She wears ripped skin-tight blue jeans that show off her legs and little ass, and a loose, low cut sweater (when the interview begins this will provide tantalizing glimpses of her perfectly formed 34B breasts and the little black… Read more

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Group SexTabooVoyeur

CHAPTER 58: HELEN HAWKINS (… OR STILLSON?) It was full minutes later before Helen even began to shift. With the monitor muted, the stead white line moving from left to right on the screen, Stella was gone, finally separated from the pain and the agony of her end. But, Helen didn’t stop whispering and kissing, even longer than those minutes. When a nurse came to the other side of the bed and touched her shoulder, she looked up at the doctor, and then dropped her head back to Stella’s shoulder for one l… Read more

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Group SexTabooVoyeur

CHAPTER 57: STELLA PARSON Helen found herself in the unique situation of being able to help three friends at the same time. Since the visit from Anne and Betty that led to the three of them going horseback riding and the two young lawyers getting their first experience with a dog by way of Kaycee’s tongue, Helen’s contact with them had significantly increased in regularity. Often it was simply staying in touch by phone call or text messages, but the three had quickly moved from ‘friendly acquaintances… Read more

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Dave – Meet Timmy Part 2


It was Sam’s game and although she was excited to see her brother on his knees in front of me about to remove my shorts she was definitely flagging, apart from the smoke I think it was drinking the two beers quickly that had done her in, Timmy was looking pretty fucked up and he only had one. Sam was trying to concentrate but was fighting a losing battle as Timmy looked up at me, “I never seen another man sir, is it ok to look sir?” he asked looking back down at the angled bulge inside my silky shorts, the head was just protruding out the side. Timmy nervously reached out and took hold of the… Read more

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My Horny Step-Sister

First TimeHardcore

When Kim was sixteen, she tried hard to seduce me. One morning after taking my shower, I walked back into my bedroom and there laid my sister, Kim, with her legs spread, her tank top pulled up to reveal her tits, smiling at me. “See anything you want, Bobby?” she asked. I admit that she was tempting. Kim had a nice body, a cute smile, and had been flirting overtly with me for two years! My cock began to grow as I looked at her and thought how arousing it would be to suck those nice tits and to push my cock in… Read more

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Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 60

First TimeHardcore

Of course, at that point, Linda and I with a lot of prompting kinda fessed up to everything. About her sister being bisexual, and having a girlfriend for the past year. And about Linda even having a girlfriend, that she fooled around with sometimes with me being present. And even some of our other antics, which always managed to remain at a mostly PG or R rated level. “So wait, you have Pete as your boyfriend, and a girlfriend? Am I getting that right?” “Yea, her name is Kimmie, and I have known her since grade school. Once a month or so the 3 of us get together, but she is going to graduate… Read more

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Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 59

First TimeHardcore

Finally the time to visit Idaho was here. I had gone over Blue Whale carefully, getting a complete oil change and tune-up before loading up. Everything was fixed up and ready, I had made 6 cassette tapes to listen to for the drive (I knew first hand there were many areas with no radio stations on the trip), and Linda stayed with me the night before we left. It was about 16 hours to our destination, and to see the most on the trip I decided on 2 different routes. On the way there we would take US-395 through the mountains of California then Nevada. Then driving across Nevada and coming up near… Read more

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Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 58

First TimeHardcore

The week after the convention we had the Senior Prom. Jack and I went half and half in renting a limo for the night (which he got a discount on because of his parent's connections), and a room at the Sheraton Universal Hotel. The room we reserved was a 2 room suite, not unlike the one we got for conventions. Thankfully neither his parents, the girl's parents, nor my dad had an issue. Rosie simply told us to not do any drinking outside of the hotel room (I had only planned on bringing a single bottle of wine for the 4 of us). She had known for a while we had been sexually active, and knew we w… Read more

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Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 57

First TimeHardcore

The next few months went by in a blur. Studying for and taking final exams, finalizing plans for my last summer break, and then my new life come August. Linda and I made several calls to Kim and her parents to narrow down our stay. We had decided that the last week of June and the first week of July would be best, which would give us about a week and a half not counting drive time. Then right before graduation it was the 7 of us going to the Memorial Day convention near LAX. This time I had a lighter plate than usual. Just a final test of my newest module, and a keynote that was a repeat of t… Read more

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I pickup Straight Women PT2 Lesbian

FetishLesbian Sex

Stealing A Newlywed Lovely Danielle ended up being a lot of fun. Game for whatever, eager to please. Plus, there was just something about a girl with a body that spectacular that got me creative. Sexy photo shoots, filming the two of us go at it...it was fun. I tell you, there's nothing like the unrestrained energy of a woman who finally learns just how great lesbian sex can be. Learning that she can come as many times as she wants in a night? It seemed like every day she was determined to break whatever mark she set the night before. But all good things. Like I said, I like moving on. It's… Read more

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Caught looking through my window.

First TimeTabooVoyeur

Caught looking through my window. My girlfriend caught my little si(st)er looking through my window at us fucking. Hi I'm John average looking, brown hair, eyes average dick? My girlfriend Vanessa is also average looking little bit bigger girl. Brown shoulder length hair, green eyes. Not every girl can be a size four. She's not exactly a PAWG she has a bit of a muffin top and a small roll of belly fat. With that comes some big fuckin' tits, massive nipples that cover the whole front of her tits. Her nipples must be at least a inch long. She use to always bitch about her tits popping out of… Read more

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Forbidden Country Cunnilingus

Lesbian SexTabooFirst Time

The afternoon sunlight played upon my breasts gayly as I loosened the buttons of my dress and allowed the coarse cotton to fall freely away from my bare skin. My fair chest glistened in the shimmering sway of the trees, the air carrying away the heat of my body and cooling me. I felt my nipples swelling in the caress of it. It was intoxicating, the capricious pixie between my legs finding the sensation stimulating and answering with a gentle billow that gave me the urge to slip my fingers up under my Sunday dress and stroke he… Read more

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Freedom to Play V

Group SexGay MaleLesbian Sex

Check my profile for the prior four chapters of this story. Might not make a ton of sense without the context. Abby, Mark, Justin, and Ashley were fooling around in the pool like any Saturday, playing Marco Polo while Mr. Jones and Mrs. Peterson kept an eye from the deck. "You look hot in that swimsuit," Justin commented to Abby. Abby looked down over her body, thick and voluptuous. The plunging neckline of the one piece swimsuit showed off her huge tits and cupped her pussy. "It does fit me pretty well," she commented back. "Fuckin A it does," Ashley said. "It looks like it was sp… Read more

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Hasan's Stag Do

Interracial SexGroup SexShemale Porn

If you have read some of my stories you will already know I am a convincing trans and that I love to meet Muslim men. This is a story that happened just over 3 years ago in Birmingham and I wanted to share it with you. I was on a well known swinging site one evening and got chatting to a Pakistani guy called Amit. He was 28, handsome and had a really beautiful brown cock and I already knew I wanted him. After a few messages he wrote, can you I request something of you? Of course I replied. He told me that his best friend Hasan is getting married next month and this Saturday was his Stag do… Read more

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First TimeMature

Neil had gone out for a jog, getting in his usual three miles before he jogged up to the doorstep of Josif's house to ask his best friend to join him for an evening workout, and maybe check out some hot babes while they were there. Neil had been a little surprised that Josif's mother, Rebecca Henderson had answered the door. "Hey, Miz Henderson," he greeted her. "Hi, Neil," she said pleasantly, not failing to look him over. He was one of her son's better looking friends; he was twenty-one and good-looking. Neil was slender, had clear blue eyes, wide shoulders, tight ass, and a promising lookin… Read more

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